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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ahh Charles..Charles..Charles..
Our Home Secretary is now proposing 'tough new legislation' to deal with foreign nationals jailed in the UK... Now he wants tham deported..
The idiocy of this is, that such laws are already inplace, and his Department has simply made a collosal blunder in letting more than a thousand to roam this Kingdom at will.. free to re-offend..
Smacks of shutting the barn door after the criminals have stolen the horses..
One must wonder what the purpose of this little Panto is.. for if Clarkes suggestions are enacted into law, we will have redundancy in the courts, and general confusion among both the general populace an criminals alike..
Perhaps it is time for Charlie to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, David Blunkett, and toss in the political towel. It can do Tony no more harm than has already been caused, and will at least give the British man on the street something to smile about.
The visissitudes of political life.. but then if it were all that easy to control the thousands of underlings a Minister presides over, we'd all want to be Members of the Cabinet..
Pay's good..

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