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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

One more brief note here..
It's been established in the Courts here, that a spouse cannot be held responsible for his or her partner's suicide. That a man or woman can, for years, mentally abuse their wife or husband, and still be found innocent of any wrongdoing if the abused take their own life.
This revolved about an Indian couple named Harachan and Gurjit Dhaliwal. She hanged herself after what relatives and neighbours described as 'years of torment' by her husband. Now it's not to say the man didn't raise his hand against his wife, for he did. But no grievous bodily harm was ever recorded, and assault charges had never been laid.
This is a shame on our Judicial system.
In Indian tradition, arranged marriages are commonplace, and it's not a guarantee that each will grow to love and respect their partner. Often the case is one of a financial bond between two families, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the two people who will spend the rest of their lives together.
While one finds such a practice anathema, one must be even more outraged that the assumption has been made, and upheld in court, that a person cannot be driven to self-murder. That there must have been underlying psychological problems to effect such a drastic ending.
Children are bullied at school, and it becomes a national issue. Spouces are bullied, and suddenly it's not for the public to have an opinion on what goes on behind the closed doors of a household.
Something is askew here, and with a nation made up more and more of new immigrants keeping their old cultural values, we may find it harder and harder to be proud to say 'I'm British'.
We are diluting our values, rather than instiling them in those who choose to come here to live.

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