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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ahh.. an inspiring day all in all for the most recent graduates of West Point. George himself gave them their main address, saying "we will take the 'War On Terror' to every shore and outpost in pursuit of enemies like none before, not relenting until their defeat.."
Definately a flag-waver, but the underlying message to these young officers is, that they, unless they get a Staff appointment, will at some time, have someone shooting at them.
..It's more than a job, it's an adventure..
Problems and nothing but more problems for the Indonesians.. the death toll from the Java quake has passed 3 thousand, and this as UN orders non-essential staff out of East Timor as a new coup develops.
Going to take just that little bit longer for help to get to the Javanese, but politics, is politics..
Watch Columbia this Monday, or Tueday.. might be Wednesday actually before we hear the results of their Presidential election.. This could have consiquences leading to changes in George's attitude towards that country, and their attempts to turn cocoa farmers away from that insideous plant..
Problem is, they've yet to find a plant that grows quite so well in that climate, that offers even a fraction of the income cocoa brings..
Meanwhile, the Russians being quite content with the assumption they're always drunk, apparently will not be seen as homosexual in any way shape or form. More than 70 have been arrested, as Moscow held it's first ever Gay Rights Parade.
Of course it had been banned by the Kremlin.. While diplomatically one can deal with a pissed politician, it's a certainty there would be problems with an alcoholic faggot..
Odd folks, these Russians..

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