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Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's one of those thought trains which keep one up at night..
There is something inherently abominable in a system which promotes mediocrity, which deliberately extolls the virtues of self-absorbtion and offers legislative paths to maintain the attitude that we don't know what's really good for us, but the government does.
Now, there must be agitators to start vapid movements which allow us to think we're in control, with the 'facts' in hand. But what is happening is we're being led by the hand by a select group, who foment public outrage towards picayune issues which we, as a whole society, can feel morally content as having 'done the right thing'.
Smoking is one such chimera. Led by California, the United States, and these United Kingdoms,those who successfully campaigned against smoking can sit back, self-satisfied in the belief we've done a good thing by stopping cigarette and cigar smoking in public. This, while we happily walk our streets inhaling the fumes from fossil-fueled conveyances which pump literally a million times the carcinogens a mere fag does into our systems.
It's been said the Germans are an easily-led race. That they'll follow any cause to maintain a status quo, or to edge a little further towards a better standard of living. Now this is grossly unfair to the German people as a whole, but does apply to all those who come from European stock.
Take the British educational system, once thought to be a benchmark for the rest of the world. At one point, one could walk through the streets of Calcutta or Mumbai, as Bombay is now called, and see plaques outside Doctor's offices reading 'Dr.So-and-so. Graduate of the Bombay School of Medicine, Oxford School of Medicine (Failed)'. This once hallmark standard of Britain, is now as bad as any on earth, or at least in the Western world.
Any system who's government can legislate personal habits, other than those which are dangerous to others, such as serial murderers or others with obvious psychological problems, is a system that will breed elitism, cronyism, and the maintenance of an uneducated workforce.
It is advantageous to only a few, to have 'the great unwashed' kept in their place. Yet we see on a daily basis, those who would break the mold revilled, discredited, and ostracised. It is to the advantage of only a few, to be led on the basis that 'it's what we've been told'.
And the shame of the entire matter is, that if some rise above the imposed ceiling, they will be absorbed by material incentive into the fold of the elite.
Not into the cadre of those in control, but among those who will shut up and discard their more radical thoughts to keep their incomes high.
It's a wonder sleep comes to anyone, when it's beyond one's power to changea societal attitude that has been growing for 50 years or more.
One last thought, another example of how we are changing.
It is not uncommon now, for children to stay living with their parents until their late 20's. The idea of having someone else to take responsibility has spread, like an insidious rash, throughout our young.
One wonders where this will end. When finally, a work ethic will re-appear, and pride in a good job well done will again force society itself forward.
If we continue as we are aimed, even the watered-down version of 'democracy' we today enjoy will disappear. And what's worse, we'll be told it's for our own good.
And we'll believe it.

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