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Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's somewhat amusing, to watch the media dive into these local elections in England. Now England is indeed correst in this case, the elections are not taking place in Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland..
It's almost as though it matters, which party remains in power on the Council level, or which might be deposed. The funding all comes from Westminster, and while lip service is allowed in the commons from those who would take a Council's situation on the Floor, the decisions will remain constant, regardless of the colour of the badge the candidate campaigned under.
This is, as are all, false democracy at work. The public is fed pap for the toothless mind, in the absolute surety the importance of events will be controlled, perhaps promulgated would be a better word, by the media. Even redical groups the likes of the British Nationalist Party, or UKIP, are sops for those tired of the same old same old, and certainly there is no chance of such fringe groups ever taking significant power. They exist to pacify, and for that purpose alone.
an interesting side note here. A site dedicated to Esoterica, of all types, has been edited by the powers that be. The adress is , and contains eleven sections. Only nine are still functional, two haveing been pulled from the public eye. Those two dealt with Magick, and the Templars, the Masonic Lodge, the Rosicrucians, and other sundry 'conspiracies'.
Now not one to easily be pushed into the belief that there are certain groups who pull all the strings, it remains a question why the writings of John Dee, or Aleister Crowley, or an overview of Rosslyn Abbey or the first Rites of Masonic Ritual, or HAARP, should be particularly centered, and erased.
This site is now almost seven years old, and has not in it's time attracted a huge number of visitors. Only some 20 thousand or so have logged in, but it is obvious that one or more of those twenty thousand took the time to object strenuously to Tripod, and have those sections removed.
Curious. One had not logged in for some three years, and it was over that length of time censorship struck.
Again, it's curious.

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