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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

There is a well respected television program over here named 'Panorama'. This is perhaps our version of '60 Minutes', although the lines set for the BBC production appear to be slacker than those binding it's American counterpart..
However, be that as it may, the reason for mentioning the program at all, is that this week it will air what almost might be seen as an attack on the Bush Administration.. it's refusal to engage itself in the Kyoto Accord. The producers will go so far as accusing George and his cronies of 'misinformation, of harassing the scientific community. Of gagging scientists, re-writing major reports and of allowing the oil and coal companies, and all those downstream, to dictate government policy.
Now it's not that this isn't common knowledge. But it is an attack on a friendly administration by a program funded by tax dollars, and so might well be seen as the 'sotto voce' of the government.
This environmental issue is beginning to be taken seriously by the public. Too many breakfast table conversations reflect on the fact the glacier has disappeared entirely from Mount Kilamanjaro, and that floes the size of Dorset regularly break off and melt in the Southern Seas..
With the news of yet another serious hurricane season for the Southern States, people there are going to start asking why..
It's almost a voice in the wilderness, this program.. but one we can rest asured. is a well-researched one..
Like the tree falling in the forest... eventually, someone will hear.

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