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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Yet another piece of the puzzle was handed to us today . Tony has declared that this island is going ahead "with a vengeance" towards the development and construction of more nuclear energy plants. As he explained, and as we already know, at this point we supply ourselves with 80 to 90% of our own natural gas, but this cannot last much longer. Tony made a point of emphasizing that in the very near future, if we continue with reliance on fossil fuels, we will be dependent on supplies from the Middle East for oil, and Middle Europe for natural gas, and this situation is, as Tony said, "unacceptable".
We agree.
And while Tony's own Press Secretary admitted their would be 'shreiks of outrage' from environmental groups opposed to nuclear development, it would perhaps be better if those objecting attended seminars dealing with both political economics, and environmentology. There is nothing inherently wrong with nuclear energy. If there are objections, let them be of a salient nature, to ensure these new plants are constructed and manned properly, and that there be some plan, perhaps involving other countries using nuclear power, to dispose of the depleted fuel.
That, in itself, is a sidebar though.
The focus is on a definitive move away from OPEC, and the control it has over the world economic picture. This move by the United Kingdom, if followed by some of the key members of the European Union and the United States, could slowly but surely reduce the importance of States the likes of Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, Iran and Iraq, Libya, and all those who sit on the substance this modern world is founded upon. They, and their lobbyists in the West, will fight vigorously against any form of energy self-sufficiency, and will bombard us with recollections of Chernobyl, and other technical blunders.
But Tony's right here. We, as an island, and the rest of the 'civilised world' as a whole, must begin the weaning process George spoke of a few months ago. And the sooner, the better.
A non sequitur.. during Georges 'Immigration speech', not once did he mention the 49th Parallel..
Not once.

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