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Saturday, May 13, 2006

It is a constant source of amusement, this government of ours.
The House of Lords has blocked legislation dealing euthanasia, saying that, or implying that one must live, regardless of one's physical condition.
Now the initial proposal was restrictive in the extreme sense of the word. It would have taken two doctors saying the patient had six months or less to live, and that the patient was compus mentis at the time of the decision to end their life. Such in itself is an insult to the capacity to reason when the infirm are conserned, and it's a wonder the public hasn't risen, en masse, to proclaim their displeasure.
Having said that, this country is comprised of people who will silently wait twenty minutes in a queue at a bank, and thank the teller when finally they get around to being served.
Life is not sacred. Betimes, it's not even bearable. Why do we in the 'West' hold on to breath as though we were still under the thumb of Papal Bulls?
The simple answer is the attitude is inbred; we are taught from childhood that nothing is more important than life itself, a concept that is in itself, patently absurd. There are far too many of us on this planet as it is, and natural culls are being forestalled by governments and institutions who would keep those alive who have historically died through drought, famine, floods, and other 'Acts of God'.
One wonders if those who campaign religiously for life for the sake of life, actually realise they're thwarting the Grand Design set down by their Creator.
Or that those who campaign for the same cause without religious overtones, realise they're upsetting the ballance of nature itself. Better we all focus on what the living are doing to this planet, rather than what the dying are doing to themselves.

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Cia said...

you won't get input from the public. the public doesn't want to deal with such 'unpleasantness'... death is 'bad' because the west needs 'bad' to contrast 'good', because if it's all the same, there would be no use for god... their concept includes value judgements of that sort and is layed out in a way that makes everything 'not nice' a thing that one doesn't acknowled having any value at all... it's facked up, but then, what in the west isn't...
i remember rejection all eastern philosophy, because i feared ending up in a room, alone, not wanting... i have since learned that that is NOT a bad thing at all... matter of fact, for the first time in my life, i'm content... which is nice...

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