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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just watched George's speech on the 'immigration problem'..
Seems as though you folks who climb the wall or walk the desert should first, study English, 'cause dagnabit, it's American we speak here.
We know you do the jobs our own trailer trash would turn away from, but, you took our jobs and didn't pay taxes, dagnabit... and it's not like we don't want you people coming here and doing that work, we just want you to apply for a 'Temporary Work Visa', and get an electronically chipped card, so we know how much to take in taxes. 'Course if you were ever convicted of, say, stealing a chicken in your country of origin, you can forget it. Don't want criminals in these United States..
So, to keep you folks from even starting out on that desert trek, we're bringing in the National Guard.. putting 6 thousand more boots on the ground, to give the Border Patrol guys a hand. And we'll build more steel fences, and instal infra-red and heat seeking technology along the border.. and if you're caught by these good American boys and girls, we'll pack you off right quick, 'cause we're changing the deportation laws to fast-track the trip back down south.
Now, this fast-tracking may not apply to all who're caught trying to sneak across the Rio Grande.. Some nationals may have to be repatriated to a place some distance away, and that could take time. That's for the ongoing 'War On Terror' ..ism.
Now, it's a fact that some Mexicans, illegal immigrants who've been in America for, say, a generation or two, have made successes of themselves. Might even own their own home. Good on 'em, but while we might allow them to come forward now, and declare their wrongdoing, and pay some form of penalty or another, they may be allowed to finally take on the proper reponsibilities, and get the commensurate rewards, of becoming an American citizen. Maybe not though.
Let's not forget the American tradition of accepting immigrants from all over the world. The 'Melting Pot' is true American bedrock, and it must be respected.
But learn English for Gods sake..

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