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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

An interesting statement from Tony today. He has linked his poitical future to that of his Deputy Prime Minister and gremial friend John Prescott..
There has been increasing pressure, for the most part from the Chacellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown, for a date for tony's abdication. This may well be in the near future, if Tony's sincere in standing and falling with Prescott. There is a consensus among the media that Labour could be facing one of it's worst challenges early in the new year, as the party cight be facing the replacement for both the Prime and Deputy Prime Ministers, at the same time.
Now Gordon Brown feels he's a shoe-in for the top post, at least until the next general election, and this may well be so. But whether Brown can carry the next vote, is moot.
His policies are not universally approved, even among his own backbenchers.
And with George having only the support of 33% of the American electorate, we could be looking at a future in which both Britain, and the United States, develop a sense of isolationism..
Foreign wars are becoming tedious to the man on the street. The geo-politics has been discussed and debated ad nausiam, and we as a society are tiring of this Sword of Damoclese George and Tony have hung over our collective heads with constant warnings and preparations against terrorist attacks.
It will be exceedingly interesting to see how the scales tip when these next elections come around..
They may be a couple of years in the offing, but what a difference a day makes, in politics..

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