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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Gladys Hammond is not exactly what you'd call a breakfast table name, but she has brought the wrath of Tony and his government down upon the 'Animal Rights' movement. And she's managed to do this from the grave.
There's been a spate of threatening letters received by some small shareholders in a company named GlaxoSmithCline (GSC), warning them of possible reprisals for their support of testing on animals.
Now these are not the men behind the Throne of this company being hectored, these are older people living on their investments and pensions. Neither was Gladys Smith involved personally in any objectionable treatment of wee beasties, yet 'Animal Activists' dug up her body, and held it for ransom for several months.
They dug up her grave, in the name of 'humanity'.. One recalls a slogan from the sixties, which ended with ' fucking for virginity..'
Y'see her nephew ran a guinea-pig farm, and his customers were of course, companies the likes of GSC, along with universities who used the animals for testing purposes.
Let it be clearly understood, that while animals are cute, and necissary within their particular biosphere to maintain an environment, they are only animals. We breed cattle, pork, chickens, for no other reason than to butcher and eat them. And one has no doubt that those who preach violence against humans in retaliation for the use of animals for testing, start their day with a hearty fry-up.
Terrorism is a taxing job. Works up an appetite.

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