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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's been four weeks of steady fighting in Lebanon and Israel, with Hezbollah aiming south, and Israel aiming north.
To date, over a thousand Lebanese have been killed, and over a hundred Israelis.
If anything positive can be said about this, it is that none of the Israeli casualties have been Hezbollah.
There will be a delegation of Arab Delegates appearing at the UN tomorrow, to ask the terms of a ceasefire, as it has been presented by the UN Security Council, be relaxed in favour of Lebanon, and indeed, one can only feel sympathy for the man on the street in Beirut.
However, it has to be emphasized that Israeli Forces have been told 'they will not lose this war on terrorism', a statement startlingly close to that made by George himself after 911.
As was stated this evening by former Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netenyahu, when taken in context, historical context going back to the Second World War, the casualties are exceedingly light, but we've come a long way from the Blitz, and Coventry, and Dresden, and we've forgotten exactly what real casualties amount to.
The stated objective by Israel, the West, and especially the US, is to ensure extremists in countries such as Iran, do not reach nuclear capabilities. One hopes they can succeed in this venture, for in retrospect, if that bomb is developed in that country, this little skirmish will be nothing more than an hors d'ouvers for the main meal

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