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Monday, August 21, 2006

There is a growing sentiment, that the future of the Middle East can be found in Biblical prophesy, and this bears addressing.
One must wonder how many Christians believe in their own texts, or actually know the sources of those writings. Odds are the majority believe the 'Book of Revelation' was written by the Apostle John, known as 'The Evangelist'. That is not the case.
'Revelation' was writen by another evangelist, some 90 years after the death of Jesus who was called 'the Christ'. This other evangelist was also called John, but was known by the sobriquet 'The Divine', while he was pining away on the Island of Patmos where he had been banished by the Roman Emperor Diocletian.
This is where most religious misunderstandings begin, on a fundamentalist level.
One must question those of Islam who have read, and fully understood the Q'ran. Now they have the advantage of being told it was all written by one man, that being the Prophet Muhammad, but, as with Christian writings, it all began as oral tradition.
At the time of the Flight to Medina, there were very few Muslim converts who could read, and what was passed to then and what has become standard text, began as oral tradition, and depending on who you were listening to, you got a slightly different message.
There is nothing in the Q'ran, as one might read it today, that would justify self-harm and mass murder in the name of Allah, just as there is nothing in the Christian Bible that would call for the same.
Yet both Texts have been used as justification for some of history's most horrific acts, and while we in the West sit back in amazement at the 'teachings' of some Imams, we should also be looking at the messages pumped out by some of our own Ministers.
Fundimentalism is like a disease. It consumes one to the point of irrationality.
May sanity, at some time, prevail.

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