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Sunday, August 20, 2006

And as it was written, so it has it been.
This 'ceasefire' between Israel and Lebanon has been breached already, but then again it never really took hold in the first place.
Israeli stratagists, and the rest of the world be told, know that this cessation of Israeli bombardment of Lebanon's main roads is allowing Hammas to re-arm, replenish depleted armament. And it must be known this this new materiel is being shipped in from Iran and Syria.
This not going away, even with the first contingent of 50 French engineers in Lebanon. Just a blue helmet to aim at.
While on the subject of France.
One must ponder the price of grain, considering the severe gamage by the drought in the french Midlands.. That, coupled with the likely rise in the domestic and international price of oil, could leave France in a precarious position. One hopes Canada has had a bumper crop, for while most of the Canadian wheat presently goes to Russia, some may have to be syphoned off for Europe..
And it appears that the phlegmatic British attitude is perhaps going to be tested for at least a while longer. That which can be brought on board is being reduced by some airlines, but the Security Forces are still making stringent searches a part of the travel experience.
However, for the time being, at least in Britain, it's not slowing down the industry to any significant effect.

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