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Thursday, August 10, 2006

And the confusion continues.
Charles Clarke, our Home Secretary, has been on television Three times now, explaining that while they believe this threat against airliners has been nipped in the bud, this country will remain on 'critical alert' for a couple of days at least.
George himself is to make a statement at 5:30 or so, GMT that is, and will likely announce that precautions have been raised to 'red alert' on flights arriving from the UK. He will likely announce that he and Tony discussed this potential threat last weekend, and that the situation is progressing towards being in hand.
When a nation of travellers, which Britain is, is reduced to the point of such paranoia that mothers, bringing babies and formulae on board, must drink from the bottles they want as hand luggage to ensure no explosives are mixed in with the milk, it must lead to far heavier actions against those countries which harbour and train terrorists.
Syria, Lybia, Iran, Pakistan, all are known to have training camps for extremists.
The World Bank should seriously think of stepping in, and make movements towards bankrupting those countries involved in allowing terrorist training.
It's hard on the citizens of those particular countries, but the solution is in their hands. Outlaw any association with extremeists, and actively concert their efforts to cleaning their own backyards.
This situation is becoming ridiculous.
Some 180 thousand travellers pass through Heathrow and Gatwick on a daily basis. It is going to take Draconian measures to ensure that none of these have terrorist intent.
Tony can be thankful he travels in a private jet, as does George.
For the rest of us, it's a matter of 'suck it up', and accept there are those who would gladly see them as food for fish somewhere over the Atlantic.
We'll see what George has to say, although frankly, there's not much he can other than flights from Britain and the Continent are now going to be considered a posible security risk.
Just as a psersonal observation, it strikes one that while this country remains on 'critical alert', might it not be seen that this airliner plot is a chimera. Not that the mission would have been welcomed by some groups had it been successfull, but could it indeed be an action that was expected to fail, while another brewing could be the main event.
When our country is held on high alert, we must assume that something else is afoot, and attack on London, Manchester, Birmingham, or any other large city is being considered.
We wait, with 'bated breath.

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