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Monday, August 14, 2006

One has to pause occasionally, and take an overview, look at all the pieces of the puzzle one has accumulated, and see what sense can be made of them.
We are embroiled in a massively expensive operation, along with our major ally, the United States, in throwing money away. All the salaries paid to all those who manufacture arms which are ultimately either destroyed or abandoned, is so much cash flushed away, taking that much from the pockets of those within these two countries who are truely in need.
We accept that our banks make massive profits as a matter of course, yet those profits, to a large extent, are from charges made to those who can least afford them, and who have no idea that they are in, in fact, illegal. Take that last bank statement you received, and check if you went over your allowed overdraft limit. It may have been that you are paying as much as £35 for a direct debit that was returned, meaning you still have that debt to pay, plus the charge the bank has asessed against you. Then there's the interest charge for going over your allowed limit.
The average man and woman in this country lives in debt, and our banks depend upon that to ensure their stockholders get a fair whack come the year-end, and most of it comes out of the pockets of those who can least afford it.
We, the common man and woman on the street, are financing these disposable conflicts we indulge in on a national basis. We are the ones who pay for all those expended copper casings which litter battlegrounds from Lebanon, Iraq, Somalia, anywhere our arms manufacturers sell their goods. We are the ones who pay for each multi-million dollar aircraft shot down, and each of the bombs they might be carrying.
We are the one's who pay for the land mines which still litter Africa, and we also pay for the disposal units sent in to disarm them.
It is a sad fact that this burden falls on those who can least afford either the initial cost, nor the expense of a class action suit to put an end to our unwitting compliance.
Here's a story for you.
A journalist, with impeccable credentials, leaves a job in North America to come to Britain to work for the BBC. This journalist begins to hear, and see unedited documents, and is allowed to talk to those in think tanks, and begins to put some of the pieces together.
This journalist develops Multiple Sclerosis, and is then judged unfit to fulfill his job as Senior Editor, and is summarily 'made redundant'.
As if that were not enough, some of the ideas and thoughts made public through this particular media, bring down the wrath of those in charge, and legal proceedings are instituted.
At least, it must be said, this particular journalist fared better than Tom Kelly, who was inexplicably found dead only three years ago.
This leaves only a pension to live on. And his house, his spouse, and his children are all lost in the ensuing brouhaha over finances. Savings are gone, and what is left to this man who has spent 35 years trying to broadcast the truth, is a pittance. A pittance the institutionalised banking system makes even smaller by preying on his relative poverty.
Now this story could apply to anyone who has lost their job, and is left with debts the State simply cannot subsidize, because of all those empty copper casings and destroyed military materiel.
It's not a sad story, for those who have the will, will still speak their minds, if only through vehicles such as these provided free through this internet.
But it is a damnable shame that there are those who can count on no other way to express themselves, to continue that which they have been doing for years, through a blog which brings in no income whatsoever.
So for those of you who might be reading this, who could use the skills of someone who thinks outside the box and can express themselves reasonably coherently, contact this journalist at , and let the fun begin.

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