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Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's interesting, what you read in the news, or hear on the radio, or on your television.. Y'know, it ain't necissarily so..
The news, as it issues from these electronic gagets, at it's last point, goes to the announcer, the news anchor. Before that, it has been written from CN, or CNN, or ABC or CBS or NBC or CBC or Radio-Canada verbatim reports from reporters on the ground. These are perhaps the last time these first-hand reports will come to your attention.
For then the news goes to the editor's assistant, one well versed in political correctness and the stance the government or the opposition wants these 'fact's presented, and depending on his/her subjective assessment, will bring the story down to bare-bones.
This editor's copy is what will go over the air, and one would be somewhat naive to trust the absolute ethical integrity of some, if not all of these 'editors'
Case in point,
Piongyang recently launched two long-range missiles, one which crashed at it's announced 200 mile limit into the Sea of Japan. The other, we were told, exploded during the launch proceedure, thus causing such a collected sigh of relief in East-Asia, that it is said some rose blossoms fell in the Japanese Emperor's garden.
The conflicting report is, that far from destroying itself upon launch, it was shot down by some unidentified source.
This leads us to two questions.
Was North Korea testing a rocket which would have surpassed the distance between Korea and Japan?
And was it an American SAC patrol craft which 'might' have shot it down.
I trust this source.

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