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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has inaugurated a new phase of a heavy water reactor project despite Western fears about its nuclear programme.
He said Iran posed no threat to other states, not even its "enemy" Israel.
Heavy water made at Arak will be used to cool a reactor being built that will create a plutonium by-product that could be used to make atomic warheads.
Observers say Iran's move aims to send a signal of defiance days ahead of a UN deadline to halt uranium enrichment.
The US says Tehran is trying to build a nuclear weapon, while Iran says it is building a reactor to supply the country with nuclear power.

Now, this report from the BBC simply confirms what most analysts have been predicting for months now, that there will be a nuclear power-struggle in the Middle East in the near future, which could make that between the US and the former USSR seem like a sandbox struggle.
There are no words to describe the intent of the Middle Eastern States, to remove Israel and it's Western presence from the area. There are no expletives to adequately describe the public resentment of the implementation of the Balfour Declaration, and the displacement of traditional Eastern values in favour of those of the West.
We are different peoples, and in our Judeo/Christian ethos we are incapable of imagining that which could be done in the name of Allah, what cost those extremists of that faith would incur upon their own people to effect a return to a Calphate.
We are on the brink of disaster, and still we pour billions of Pounds Sterling and American dollars into the coffers of those bent on destroying us. We are funding our own downfall, in the firm belief that we are 'in the right', and 'are benificent' in our attempts to bring 'civilisation to these peoples.
They have a civilisation. One they are proud and defensive of.
We must open our eyes to the basic differences between 'we' and 'they'. And we'd best do it soon.

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