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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Now, George has just landed in AirForce One, and we are expecting a statement from him immenently.
But in the meanwhile, lets look at the damage this incident has already achieved. The FTSE has dropped significantly, with almost panic selling of shares in air carriers, support companies, hotels and resorts. Thousands of people are crowding Heathrow and Gatwick, and the problems involved with getting them home, or to shelter should they have been Americans returning home, are phenominal.
This, combined with agricultural problems in France, and flooding problems in the northern countries along the Danube, is going to have a long-lasting effect on our European economy.
It's dead easy to shave billions of pounds off the value of shares, but the process of re-investment is much slower.
One has to recall the FLQ threat in Canada during the 60's. It turned out there were only 7 individuals involved, in what was Canada's greatest security threat.
Ahhh. George's speech only reiterates what has already been written here. He has praised both British and American security agencies, and has stated that while the US is safer now since 911, but asserted there are still those who will make bombs. Nothing much of substance, other than the statement that "we live in a dangerous world".
Now there's a surprise.

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