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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yet another good reason for us to be looking for alternate fuel sources.
While it may be almost un-noticeable to the average shopper, the cost of food on this island is creeping ever upwards, by some 8% over this last quarter. We're talking about the staples here, the likes of milk, bread, butter, in fact anything we would normally put into our shopping carts.
Now, the farmers are saying this especially hot summer has had an impact on dairy products, and the drought in the agricultural sector in France will certainly have an effect on wheat produce, but the main culprit is the cost of shipping.
And this is directly due to the soaring costs of petrol.
Now as is common knowledge in most Western countries, the bulk of the cost of a gallon of fuel is taxation, and with this country facing a future of more and more dependent on State or private pensions, we're looking at a bleak future. The issue of taxes on fuels must become a primary issue now, while something might still be done to spread the shortfall should these levees be lowered.
It is time for the government to accept the impact of an ageing population, and the effects particular taxes which have a knock-on effect has on this group.
Rising food costs are only the tip of the iceberg, and can only signal what will certainly develop into a lower standard of living for this pensionable population.
Once again, an argument for re-tooling towards alternative fuel sources.
And we'd best get on with it quickly.

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