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Thursday, August 10, 2006

One must wonder, when the analysts and think-tanks involved with the ongoing, one might say perpetual problems in the Middle East, will begin sharing their information..
I have yet to hear mention of a similar type attack, one which involved a chemical bomb in a water bottle was attempted in Indonesia.
In 1997 a similar bomb was set off in a crowded airliner, and while in that case only a Japanese passenger was killed and the aircraft hull not breached, this may have been a dry-run for the operation which appears to have been planned for today.
This is common knowledge, and has been for several years, yet no security precautions were even contemplated involving innocuous looking objects being brought into the passenger cabins in carry-on luggage.
Somehow it seems that while we now have an Anti-Terrorist Branch, and a Homeland Security Agency, we have good minds which are ill-equipped to deal with this issue of terrorism, on the whole.
Intelligence Agencies are reknown for keeping their own to themselves, but we have come into a situation which demands change in the manner in which we deal with this threat.
Surely, somewhere in the depths of Whitehall, there are those poring over worst-case scenario's..
They are missing a member who thinks outside the box.
And while all this is going on, let us not forget the conflict continues in Lebanon, and Israeli troops are still marching forward. To a large extent, their mission is the only overt effort to destroy a terrorist group.
One waits now, in safety might be added, for the next radical and conclusive act by extremists in this country, in the US, and especially in the Middle East.

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