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Friday, August 11, 2006

We have a new label.
'Islamic Fascists' are the new enemy, and this new name is perhaps to assure the man on the street that this terrorism is being carried out by only a section, a small section at that, of the general Muslim Community.
The point was make in analysis this evening, that it only took us 6 years to wipe out Nazi Germany, and the Japanese Empire, and this confrontation has all the appearances of being perpetual.
The analagy was facile, and ignores the type of warfare being conducted. In fact, this offensive by the West might better be compared with Viet Nam, where the enemy looks exactly the same as the harmless citizen.
The reports suggest to the man on the couch that Israeli Forces are massing at the border with Lebanon, and are awaiting orders to begin their slog into a foreign country. This is not exactly true, for the port city of Tyre has been under attack for three days now, and Israeli troops are already some 13 miles inside Lebanon.
One point to ponder though. Palestinian Coumpounds, small towns actually within Lebanon, which have been in place for close to 50 years, are not being targeted.
While the streets of Tyre are almost deserted, and shops, for the most part, shuttered and closed, life is going on as if nothing was happening in the Palestinian Compounds. In fact, many residents of Tyre have shifted themselves into these areas for safety.
There must be a reason for this. Could it be that Israel is unwilling to declare war on two fronts, against Hezbollah and against Palistinians? Would this be thought to perhaps be the straw that would break the camels back, and a become a major influence on world public opinion?
It merits some thought, for that which is currently going on, has been in the pipeline for months.
The kidnapping of the Israeli soldiers was fortuitous, to say the least, and has allowed a legitimate war to be declared against Hezbollah.
One could extrapolate, that this could escallate to censure of Pakistan and Iran, where terrorists train en mass. That action against these two countries may well be thought to be justified, should proof emerge those governments harboured extremists
And then there's Saudi Arabia. Surely it cannot be thought that most powerful of Arab nations has not a finger in this pie.
It is a quandary. Where does this all begin, and where will it all end.
But one has to like that label.
'Islamic Fascists'. Has a ring to it.

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